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My theme, like my life, is a series of carousels and roller coastersfilled with exuberant moments and epiphanies that virtually take your breath away, balanced by calmness and stability but always with the anticipation that you will experience more moments of exhilaration and learning.

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My Experience of a ReChanneling Practicum. This is my second go-around with the program. After my first practicum, I contracted with the organization to provide graphics and social media support.

Part 1: Preliminary Work. Some things have to happen before being accepted to a practicum. Participation is limited and the group is interactive, so it must be responsive to everyone’s needs.

Week One, The First Hour. There are five of us in this group. The needs of each personality must be considered to generate individual blueprints. Woody Allen said 90% of life is showing up.

Week One, The Second Hour. There’s a lot of emphasis on complementarity, which I can now define as “the constant collaboration of our mind, body, spirit, and emotions,” so every experience can be viewed from multiple perspectives.

Week One: Post-Session Work at Home. At first glance, the amount of homework assigned seems severe. However, we are making up for decades of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. As in anything, the more we put into it, the more we get out of it.

Week Two, The Third Hour. Every activity is geared towards recovery, so psychosomatically, you have to feel rewarded and motivated. Even if the neural network restructuring is just getting started, the mindfulness that every positive stimulus causes sparking on a receptive neuron adds to the positive mental state.

Week Two, The Fourth Hour. We’re getting into more complex areas that may get lost in my translation; I’ll do my best to lay provide competent overviews. I wrote about complementarity in the last posting. Again, complementarity is the inherent cooperation of our mind, body, spirit, and emotions…

Week Two: Post-Session Work at Home. All of this leads up to ANT’s—the automatic anxiety-provoked thoughts that impact us just as we are about to encounter an exposure situation. Automatic negative thoughts drive our anxiety and depression and, especially, social anxiety disorder. 

Week Three, The Fifth Hour. During the week, our main assignment was to create a Plan for a hypothetical exposure situation—a social Meetup group of about 35 people. We had to include our ANT, create a persona, and choose three coping skills, diversions, and icebreakers.

Week Three, The Sixth Hour. More on PPAs, Graded Exposure and SUDS. Presenting Affirmative Visualization and learning to separate yourself from the symptoms and traits of your condition via Depersonalize/Personify Your Dysfunction.

Week Three: Post Session Work at Home. Visualizing your Plan for Exposure Situation. “Find a quiet, comfortable place with no distractions. If you’d prefer, you can listen to music to engage your experience – a song or type of music for which you associate positivity and success …”

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